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What is a ‘drains map’?

Like GPS in our phones or a physical map, we use them to navigate from A to B, and this is the same for drains underground. To ensure all is kept in clear order, drain maps exist to help workers pinpoint and find the appropriate drain, should they need to tend to an issue or simply replace/change what’s below. This month, Jet Rod are here to explain what a ‘drains map’ does, how it works and why they are used.

Drain mapping

This process uses advanced technology to manage a large amount of data. A ‘drains map’ will retain a lot of information including the location of particular drains and sewers, the direction of the flow of water, the type, measurement of the drains/sewers and the flow rates of each individual network.

Drain mapping is also used by construction workers because they must know what lies underneath before going ahead with any projects. Checking before starting any works will ensure that any new buildings or refurbishments go off without a hitch.

This process of drain mapping is somewhat new, so if you live in an old property it’s likely that there will not be a record of your drainage system below. This can be a problem when you’re looking to have an extension or any building work done on your property, so it’s important to find out where your drainage system is located, before applying for planning permission.

CCTV Drain Surveys

When you have a CCTV drain survey, you will be able to obtain comprehensive documentation of your property’s drainage system. This information will include everything you will need to know including nearby sewers, drains, shared connections, shortages and any wear and tear that requires repairing.    

Sewer mapping

This is the same as drain mapping but on a much larger and wider scale. This is generally needed by people who purchase a large amount of land with the intention to build commercial and /or domestic developments.

Improving serviceability

Both drain and sewer mapping, has helped the industry tremendously. This impressive technology has improved our water networks by reducing the amount of blockages, floods and it has even put a stop to many potential problems.

How do I get hold of a map?

There’s a large library of drain and sewer maps that cover large areas of water mains and sewage systems – if you wish to get hold of your drain map, get in touch with your district area and request a form. Remember, if you have an old property, it might be the case that a map hasn’t been made, so you may need to have one created with a CCTV drain survey.

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