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Tree Root Ingress and How to Repair it

Tree root ingress is a very common problem for pipes and drainage systems, and if it is left untreated it can cause serious issues and require very costly repairs. Root ingress is where the roots of a tree, in their natural movements towards the source of water, start to grow in the joints of your drainage system. As this continues, the roots will develop in the pipe itself, which can cause a blockage of the drain.

There are some short-term fixes for this problem, such as cutting the roots, but this solution is only short-lived as the roots will eventually grow back. The longer it takes for a long term solution to be reached, the worse the problem will get – the pipe run itself can be slowly eroded, which can lead the drain to fracture.

Patch Repair

One of the most effective ways to treat root ingress is to use patch repair. Patch repair consists of a fibreglass and silicate resin patch being inserted into the pipe – this removes the need for excavation and relaying. It is also an environmentally friendly method, as it does not require patios or lawns to be dug up in order to work on the drains. The solution is permanent and watertight, and the resin is able to bond to most standard materials, including uPVC, clay, stainless steel and ductile iron.

Drain Lining

A drain lining is a resin made of polyester, epoxy, vinylester or silicate resin that can be used to repair damage between 70mm and 1500mm in diameter. Drain lining can be used for the entire length of the piping, reducing the risk of further degradation, but the running backfalls, known as line slumps are not removed.


Excavation should only be used as a last resort, or in the case of severe damage. The reason that other options are considered before excavation in many cases is because of the level of work required to carry out the excavation. Patios and lawns have to be dug up, which can be costly and time consuming, so it is important that you are sure that you have examined all other options before deciding on excavation. Excavations are used when pipes and drains need to be replaced, whether that is because they have become damaged beyond repair or they have worn down over time and a new, more robust pipe is needed.

Ensuring that your pipes are maintained well is a difficult task, which is why Jet Rod are on hand to help you. Whether you have tree root ingress in your pipes or you have another issue with your drainage system, we are here to help. From minor problems to large scale issues, our expert team will ensure the most effective solution is reached as quickly and safely as possible.

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