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Tips for Saving Water in the Home

Reducing water consumption is not only an environmentally friendly thing to do, it can shave pounds off your water bills each quarter, leading to a significant saving as the years go on. For customers who have a water metre installed, it’s possible to quickly see the positive difference which making a few small changes to your water usage habits can have. Although initially making water saving adjustments takes getting used to, many people find that seeing their consumption fall is a rewarding incentive to continue using less every day. Given below are five top suggestions which will get you started on the path to water saving success.

Use White Goods Less

Washing machines and dishwashers use a significant amount of water each time they’re used. It doesn’t matter how full they are, the water use per cycle remains the same. For this reason it makes sense to ensure they are at their maximum capacity before switching them on. When it comes to laundry, consider each garment carefully and decide whether it actually needs a wash or whether airing it on a coat hanger will suffice. Whilst undies, T-shirts, blouses and socks require laundering after every use, many people find that jeans and skirts can be worn for two or three days. It’s surprising what the reduction in laundry loads can achieve.


Instigate Your Own Hose Pipe Ban

Water companies periodically introduce a hose pipe ban when a drier period is predicted simply because hose pipes use an enormous amount of water, much of which is wasted. Using a bucket to wash your car or a watering can for the garden ensures that every drop of water is used for its intended purpose, rather than rolling away down the drain.

Little Things Matter

Thousands of gallons of water are wasted each year by people over-filling the kettle and then tipping away the water which has already boiled to fill it freshly for the next use. This wastes both power and water, so getting used to only filling the kettle with as much water as you need for a particular use is a good habit to get into. Similarly, reducing the capacity of your cistern using a bespoke block (which can often be obtained from your water company for a minimal cost) can result in substantial cumulative water saving over time. Selecting a shower rather than a bath also helps keep water use at a minimal level, particularly if you use a regular model rather than power shower. If dish washing by hand, avoid rinsing plates under a running tap. If you prefer to rinse after using detergent, refill the bowl with clear water once the dishes are washed and use that for rinsing purposes.


Although each individual action represents only a small reduction in water use, adopted as a package they can have a spectacular impact. With water resources becoming increasingly stretched as demand grows across the country, doing your bit to become more aware of your usage and taking positive steps to reduce it is better for your pocket and the planet. Why not take a look at your home and see how you can start making water saving changes right away?

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