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What is the technology required for CCTV Surveys?

Today Jet Rod will be discussing the technology that is used during CCTV Surveys, how they operate and why such technologically advanced devices are used for this job.

Why we provide CCTV Surveys

We provide CCTV Surveys for lots of reason, mostly to check any damage or interference including hairline cracks, large cracks, holes and pests such as cockroaches or rats. CCTV provides crisp images that can do all the hard work, as they search and locate issues with the drains or pipes. This method has minimal impact to the surrounding area as the cameras are designed to be popped straight in and out of the drain. This makes for a much easier, much quicker, and less inconvenient survey.

What they tell us

We’re on the lookout for any defects that could already be an issue or possibly spot a potential problem that could get worse if neglected.

What technology we use & how it works:


The cameras used to perform a CCTV Survey are developed to withstand the conditions of the drains and pipes, and present us with a 360° view as they descend. They’re very different to normal everyday cameras because they’re made to be rugged, hence why they’re made with stainless steel. Mini-Cams provide high quality footage and are fixed with Self Levelling Axials to keep them steady. They are installed with SOLOPro+, this is used via the WiFi and enables companies remote activity – that can store the footage required.

What is the technology required for CCTV Surveys?


These are used to survey the footage as the camera is being fed into the drainage or pipe ways. They capture MPEG video, JPEG images and have x3 zoom, which is ideal when you need to review the media. The monitors will also generate reports, ideal for putting onto a USB should you need to refer back. Just like a laptop you can type and keep up to 16 pages of customisable text. These monitors offer alternate languages and time zones, alongside interface themes, updates and power-saving options.

Reporting software

Are designed to give detailed reports for quick, accessible use without the need for administration costs. These professional software packages are easy to use and create diagnostics for you as they’re super efficient. You can also organise each CCTV Survey to ensure you manage each and every job with the utmost care. There are also numerous templates that can be manually adjusted to save time and can provide clients with speedy results.

Custom van fits

These fit outs are necessary to keep all the equipment inside organised, for quick access. Inside they have electric wiring and are kitted out with plywood and dividers for handy storage compartments. They also have a studio section so experts can watch the monitor as the camera is lowered into the drainage systems. The equipment is dropped into the underground via a specially designed door fitted into the floor of the van, towards the back. There are various other accessories such as special lights, sockets, shelves and hand cleansing solutions – readily available to ensure the job runs smoothly without a hitch.

CCTV Surveys and why they’re important

Drains are used all day everyday, in all parts of the world. They’re an essential part of living, so it’s important that you look after them and ensure they’re kept clean and fully sealed. When you start to notice any issues with your drains it can be very worrying because how could you possibly pinpoint the issue? If you hear or see any faults or a drain is overflowing, listen to the signs and get it looked at. You may worry about the expense and how long you will be stuck with this issue, but you need not worry – with CCTV Surveys, your systems can be checked quickly which in turn, is cost effective for you.

Jet Rod have been established since 1988, based in Macclesfield we cover Warrington and Crewe. We provide all our customers with a wide range of services including CCTV Surveys, drain cleaning & unblocking, drain repairs, sink unblocking and septic tank installations for both commercial and insurance work. If you’re looking for professional, honest advice or want to book our services, please give us a call today!

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