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Strangest Things Found in Sewers and Drains

Sewers run beneath our streets and our homes for millions of miles around the world, and with such a vast distance covered, it’s more than likely there will be some surprising or just downright strange items found in there. Here, we are going to run through some of the oddest things that have been found in sewers and drains around the world.

Strangest Things Found in Sewers and Drains

False Teeth

In South Carolina, one extremely unlucky lady dropped her dentures down the drain. The engineer she called out to help managed to locate them, intact, and the owner of said dentures even said she would continue to use them, once they had been quite aggressively and thoroughly cleaned.


Losing an engagement ring is the stuff of nightmares, but unfortunately that is what happened to someone in Ohio. The engineer combined both old and new techniques to retrieve the ring; a fibre optic sewer camera, and a good, old fashioned coat hanger taped to a cable.


In Texas, in 2006, the terrifying discovery of a 600lb alligator was made, crawling in a 3 foot wide drain.


A sheep was found exploring the sewers in Surrey – luckily it was rescued and was unhurt, although it may have taken a few people to get him out of there.


A cow at an abattoir in France decided to make a break for freedom, but ended up in a sewer nearby. Once retrieved from the drain, the cow was allowed to live the rest of its life in a field, rather than the abattoir.

Expensive watches

Sometimes you might find a £1 coin on the floor, or find a £5 note in some old jeans of yours and feel like you’ve won a small prize. However, one street cleaner in Essex really did hit the jackpot, finding a £21,000, 18 carat gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph in a drain at a railway station.

As you can see, all manner of items can make it down into our sewers and drains, some of them worth quite a lot of money. However, we certainly would not recommend exploring the drains in the hopes of finding yourself a treasure. If you lose an item down your drain, or you feel your drains may have an issue, then contact the professionals at Jet Rod today, and we’ll be on hand to help you.

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