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Reasons to get your drains checked on a regular basis

Taking your drainage system for granted is something that nearly all of us are guilty of. You expect your drains to work without giving it a second thought, and only when a problem starts to develop do we take notice of them. However, there are steps you can take to keep your drains running as smoothly as possible, and prevent any issues or faults occurring.

This article will detail why you should have your drains checked on a regular basis and the benefits it will bring to your home.

It Eliminates Bacteria

If your drain is clogged, it is premium breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. The standing water can be contaminated with bacteria including E. Coli and Salmonella, and they can also be found in what’s known as a biofilm, that appears on the surface of drains and pipes. Cleaning your pipes and drains thoroughly will remove these bacteria and minimise the risk of illness. Drain cleaning in this manner will require professional assistance to ensure as much bacteria as possible is removed.

Reduce Odours

A blocked drain may start to smell if they are not dealt with quickly, not least because of the waste that is often transported through them. These odours can make your home smell quite unpleasant, and they are not something that you can just ignore.  In order to get rid of these smells, all rotting food particles and layers of grease must be removed from the drains.


Long Term Savings

While calling out a professional drainage company to your home is another expense, paying a one-time fee for professional assistance can save you from paying several times in the future if the problem continues unresolved. So before you flinch at paying for a drain cleaning company to pay you a visit, consider how much you may end up paying if you don’t get it sorted.

Here at Jet Rod, we provide a premium quality drain cleaning service at very competitive prices.  We have over 20 years’ experience that has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the leading drain cleaning companies in Macclesfield and surrounding regions such as Manchester.


We pride ourselves on our innovative and effective methods of cleaning drains – high pressure jetting, electro mechanical cleaning and conventional rodding are all techniques we use to get your drains blockage free and running smoothly again. We work in an efficient and professional manner, ensuring we complete our work to the highest standards with minimum disruption to your daily life.

For more information about our drain cleaning or for any of our other services, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.


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