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How to make a bathroom safe for elderly people

Bathrooms can be hazardous for elderly people, especially for those suffering with vision, mobility or injury problems. A bad fall can cause serious problems, but reducing the risk is simple and easy to implement. This article will look at some of the changes you can make to a bathroom to make it more accessible for seniors.


Grab Bars

The prime hazard for seniors in the bathroom is the slippery surface of the shower floor. Those with stability issues or preexisting injuries could be prone to dangerous falls without added support. Installing a grab bar in your shower is extremely easy to do and allows the user to hold on for extra balance. This simple installation can make a huge difference in the safety of a bathroom, and can assist with stepping in and out of the bathtub, as well as stability during the shower itself.


Non-slip mats

Increasing friction on the bathroom surfaces is a great way to reduce the risks of slips or falls. Non-slip mats can be placed throughout the bathroom and even in the bath itself to provide a slip-resistant surface for elders to stand on.


Increase lighting

Those with vision problems may find it difficult to be fully aware of their surroundings. Increasing the lighting in the bathroom will help seniors to better manage themselves. They will be able to locate soap and shower gels better, and it will give them more confidence in manoeuvering their way around the room.


Shower chair

Shower chairs are an excellent solution for elderly people who want a quick shower but are not able to stand for very long. These chairs come with non-slip feet so that they don’t move around, and many come with tilting ability to allow the user to adjust themself into their most comfortable position.


Raised toilet seat

Accidents aren’t just exclusive to showering. Using the toilet can often be troublesome for elderly people who have difficulty sitting low down. Raising the toilet seat by three to four inches can greatly reduce the amount of lowering required. Many raised toilet seats also come equipped with grip bars on either side to further improve stability.


Put essential items in easy reach

Not all bathroom adjustments require purchases or installations. Simply moving essential bathroom items so that they are in easy to reach locations can make a huge difference. Having your essentials closer means less movement, and thus reduces the chance of slips or injuries.


Walk-in bathtub

For those with a little more money to spend, a walk-in tub is an innovative contraption that allows the user to enter and exit the tub without needing to ‘step over’ into it. Walk-in tubs are also perfectly suited to people who find it difficult to stand up for long periods of time, due to the incorporation of a seat within the tub. This modified tub can be costly, but can greatly support an elderly user by providing a luxury bath experience (many are fitted with massage features) whilst being easily accessible.

Walk-in tubs, like all tubs, can often lead to a build up of hair and dirt in the drain. Professional drain unclogging services are the best way to ensure your bathroom is running smoothly for everyone.

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