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How Do I Fix Smelly Drains?

Every now and then you may notice an unpleasant smell coming from your drain and this can be the result of multiple things. This month Jet Rod are here to enlighten you on why this happens and what the possible cause might be. We will discuss DIY, home remedies and how to get a good indication of when you need to contact a professional, to fix your smelly drain.

Causes of Smelly Drains:

Backup of sewage – is caused by cooking fats, sanitary items, nappies, cotton buds and wet wipes, all things that should not be placed or flushed down a drain, that get lodged inside the pipes. Sometimes, the sewers have an increase of water pressure from time and time, and this along with blockages can cause the sewage to back up through the pipes. This is one of the explanations as to why there’s a bad smell coming from your drain. It’s possible that it’ll linger, even once the water pressure has lessened because some of the deposits may still be stuck.

Solution – the pipes will need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent this from happening again, should the water pressure rise.


Clogged drains – can occur from food getting washed away down the sink, especially if you’re not in the habit of scraping plates after you have finished eating. This will eventually cause the pipes to clog overtime because each time the food is washed down into the system, a little bit of food will remain. As this builds, the food goes soggy and becomes a great place for bacteria to grow, which can create strong and unpleasant smells.

Solution – try pouring nearly boiling water from the kettle or baking soda, lemon juice and hot water. The idea is that you pour the baking soda into the drain and then the lemon juice. Allow it to bubble away for a minute or two and pour hot water down the drain, this will flush away the mixture and hopefully the remainder of food.


Leaks – it’s not unusual for these to occur overtime. Leaks are caused by broken seals and cracked pipes. Along with leaks, you will most likely find mould and a displeasing smell too. Depending where the leak is coming from, whether it’s easy to get to (a visible pipe) or lower down in the pipeline, a sewer smell can linger.

Solution – a way to combat this is to reseal the sealant and reline or replace the pipes. It is important to call a professional about this to ensure that the problem is fixed with the right equipment.


Poor fittings – if you’re experiencing bad smells coming from your drains, it could be that your plumbing has been fitted poorly. This tends to occur when a plumber has created his own connection, rather than using a industry standard one.

Solution – call out a drainage professional that will be able to solve this issue with ease, as doing this yourself could cause more issues. Leave it to the experts to fit an appropriate connector.


Sewer gas – should the smell be overbearing, you could be experiencing sewer gas. Sewer gas is a toxic gas that can include gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, carbon monoxide and other dangerous variants.

Solution – call your local drainage expert, who will evaluate your drains and solve your problem.

How Do I Fix Smelly Drains?

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