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Why drainage surveys are essential for new home owners

Why Drainage Surveys are Essential for New Home Owners

Moving house can be extremely stressful and can often leave you feeling exhausted. Elements that can cause emotional upheaval are often linked to unchecked faults and issues with property once you have purchased it. It would be awful to find, when moving into your property, that drains are blocked and water resurgence is prevalent. Furthermore, it is also problematic to leave behind a property that has unresolved drainage problems for a new owner.


Having Your Home Checked for Potential Problems

Envisage the nightmarish scene upon buying a house that has drainage problems. It would be devastating to deal with drainage problems months after securing a mortgage and moving into your dream property. Drainage problems can encompass factors such as a blocked drains, leakages, damp areas or water resurgence. Having a drainage survey leaves a property owner with peace of mind; knowing that all potential problems have been investigated and solved.

Therefore, before you become tied to a property or immediately after you have moved in, it is a sensible decision to have a drain survey done. A drain survey will automatically highlight any problems that need immediate attention, whilst simultaneously pinpointing any potential hazards in the future. Moreover, getting a drain survey done will mean problems can be fixed quickly before they become major hindrances. Undertaking a drain survey can also save a potential home owner/new home owner money, as they will not need to outlay any money for future problems.

Investigate Your Old Property to Aid A Smooth Sale

Even if you are moving into a new property, it is important to not forget or neglect your old home. Leaving your old home in exceptional condition is important for the next owner. If your old property does suffer from a back catalogue of drainage problems, then it would be sensible to have a CCTV drainage survey undertaken. This will ensure that any current issues with the property are solved and any potential future problems are highlighted. Furthermore, it will provide potential buyers (when looking around your property) with a sense of reassurance and peace of mind.

CCTV Surveys and Their Importance on Old and Newly Purchased Properties


CCTV surveys are a simple, non-intrusive and cost-effective way of illuminating any drainage problems. Importantly, it will not cause any issues in relation to accessing your old property. CCTV drain surveys are an informed option because they are not invasive and are over very quickly.

It is imperative, even if an issue has not been identified in the area of your property, that you take responsibility as a homeowner. When CCTV drainage engineers look at drains, they will illuminate exactly where any blockages or damage lies. This provides you with concrete evidence and means you can proceed in getting the problem fixed swiftly.

Undertaking a CCTV survey can also be used as a effective preventative measure. A survey can give a clean bill of health to a property or it can highlight major structural problems that need solving; thus halting any impending sale.

Whether you require your property’s drains to be serviced or you think there may be underlying problems that need solving, it is important a thorough drain survey is conducted by a reputable and professional team. To have a property surveyed for drainage problems assists in minor issues being resolved promptly.

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