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Drainage Glossary: What Do These Key Drainage Phrases Mean

Be ‘in-the-know’ with basic drainage phrases, presented to you by our professionals here at Jet Rod. If you’re caught in a tricky situation and need to get someone to look at your drainage quickly, this drainage glossary may help you to identify the problem and understand what your drainage expert is saying.

Anti-flooding device
An appliance designed to stop backflow, these are installed inside gravity drains and sewers to keep properties clean and clear.

Burst pressure
When the pressure is high, it can cause the internals of drains and pipes to fail.

Cleanout Plug
A tool used to clear obstructions and blockages inside drains and or pipes.

This device is used to decrease the speed and increase the pressure of liquid flowing through a drainage system.

This is a piece of curved piping that’s fitted to change the direction of flowing fluid that passes through. This fixture is angled between 90 and 45 degrees.

This refers to anything that handles water, including taps, sinks, toilets, baths and washing machines.  

Grease Trap
An instrument used to trap grease to prevent it from entering main sewage lines. These are mainly used within commercial properties such as restaurants and cafes that will be washing away grease more frequently than any other property.

Hard Water
Water that contains high levels of calcium and minerals that leave layers of hard to remove limescale.

The ‘inside diameter’, referring to the measurements of the pipe.

A tube of fiberglass or special felt designed and installed into a pipe, used to protect any old or damaged piping.   

Metal Fatigue
When the material has been worn through bending, flexing, expansion or contraction.

Materials that do not contain iron.

Overflow Tube
The vertical tube inside a toilet tank that handles the water inside the bowl, there to monitor the water levels, should the ballcock fail. This prevents an overflow, but there will be a constant run of water inside the bowl to indicate to the user that there’s a problem. On the majority of toilets there’s also a refill tube there too, there to control water away from the ballcock, down into the tube and into the bowl in the event of a siphon break.

Primary Settlement Tank
This tank deals with the solids that settle at the bottom of a system, they are removed by the sewage that passes through, into the primary settlement tank.

This process eliminates the need to evacuate pipes, as relining creates a new pipe inside the old one.

Secondary Settlement Tank
Humus is removed from this tank and is separated from the liquid that passed through, in order to reach important treatment units.

Teflon Tape
Tape used to seal pipes, made from fluorocarbon polymer.

A mechanism used to modulate water flow.

Water Hammer Arrestor
This device is found near most fixtures, there to absorb the hydraulic shock that occurs once the water supply has been cut off – this is why you may hear a banging noise.

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Drainage Glossary: What Do These Key Drainage Phrases Mean?

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