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What is the difference between plumbers and drain contractors?

If you’re asking yourself Who do I need to call, a plumber or drain contractor? Read on because this month Jet Rod will be explaining the difference between the two, so should you need assistance, you know who to turn to.

A drain contractor will unblock drains, replace old piping, relining and fix burst pipes whereas a plumber will work with water sources inside properties including taps, toilets, basins and leakages. Below you will find situations where you will require a contractor’s help and a plumber’s help, so for guidance, read on.

Outside sewage pipes

Sewage pipes are external to your home but they still might be situated on your property. If you’re facing issues with sewage or drains outside of your home, you will require a drainage professional. Plumbers do not supply the right equipment to work on external sewer pipes, so it’s better to call a drain contractor who can then fix the problem.

What is the difference between plumbers and drain contractors?

Waste water problems

‘Waste water’ is dirty water that undergoes treatment facilities to be ‘recycled’ and returned back for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Generally, a waste water issue will be recognised in a toilet, sink or bath inside a property. What happens is, the waste water begins to backup and fill these amenities with dirty water. If you have an issue to do with water backing up – your problem is external, therefore you will need to call a drainage professional.
If you have dripping taps or issues with the pipes inside your property, you should call a plumber. If a pipe or drain is blocked, your issue is internal and this is handled by professional plumbers.

CCTV drainage inspections

If your drains are proving to be an ongoing problem, then you require a CCTV drainage inspection. A full survey will find the blockage or break in the pipeline, so you can ensure that the fix isn’t just a temporary one. Once the root cause has been found, the drainage experts can then find a way to solve it. This process uses state-of-the-art equipment which enables a detailed examination of each individual pipe and records footage of these examinations. This method can be used to identify problems such as hairline cracks, holes and blockages.

Septic tank repairs

If you notice a bad smell where your septic tank is located, you need to get it sorted as soon as possible. A leaking septic tank can be dangerous, as it can cause serious pollution and you can even be prosecuted if this is ignored. If your septic tank is faulty and needs repairing, then you should call a drainage contractor, as a plumber does not acquire the skills needed to solve these types of issues.

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