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Cracked Drainage Pipes – What can I do?

If you’ve found a cracked drainage pipe, or you’ve noticed signs that you may have drainage problems, you’re probably wondering what you should do and whether or not you should call the experts out to solve the problem. If this is the case, read on because there might be a few DIY fixes you can do yourself before calling for an expert opinion.  

There are many symptoms to look out for and a number of reasons why you might have cracked drainage pipes, these include:

Backups and blockages – these are generally caused when something is stuck within the sewage line. If you do have a blockage, it’s likely that you will experience a backup when you flush or use the sink, shower or bath. If this happens every single time you use these facilities, the issue will most likely be found along the main sewer line. This being said, if you notice a backup in just the one toilet within the property (for example), it’s probable that the issue is isolated to the drain associated with this one single system. Given that your facilities aren’t overflowing, you may wish to try unblocking your drains yourself with a drain unblocker solution – this can be found in your local shops. If this gets rid of the problem then that’s great but if you’ve called out the professionals and you’re still noticing the same issues, the underlying problem might be due to cracked drainage pipes. This will require a CCTV inspection, so the experts can find the problem and replace the pipes.

-Strong smells – if you detect a strong and unpleasant smell coming from your drains, it’s likely that there’s a crack in a pipe in the sewer system below. The way a sanitary sewer is constructed means that you should never smell sewer gases because the system is air tight, other than for the vent stacks, which enable the sewage to flow downwards. So, if you are experiencing this, this indicates a break/crack that’s allowing the strong smell into your property, through your amenities. If this is the case, it’s important to call out a professional who will find the problem pipe and replace or line it appropriately.

-Mould issues – you may see a damp patch begin to emerge across your walls, this is another symptom of a cracked pipe. When a pipe forms a crack, it’ll leak and this will increase the humidity within the property and mould will begin to grow. Again, you’ll be able to remove the mould with mould paint and cleaning sprays but this issue must be seen to by an expert who will fix the pipes.

-Slow drain – if the water is draining slowly, it’s a sign that you’re on your way to a blockage. If you have had the pipes cleared but you still have the same problem, it’s likely that you have cracked pipes, root intrusion or channelling. Call a professional drainage company who will get to the cause.

-Greener grass – should you notice that there are greener patches of grass on your lawn and a pungent smell, there’s a high chance that there’s an underground sewage leak. As we know, vegetation excels when fertilised with excrement therefore the grass will be looking much more lush than usual. It’s important to get this looked at because although it may look better, the smell and fact that there’s a leak could cause a much greater problem in time.  

-Cracks – you may find serious cracks in your walls or foundations and – although rare – potentially sinkholes; this can happen if there’s a large break in a drainage pipe located within the vicinity of your property. Should you notice any of these telltale signs, you must call a professional who can fix the drain and another who can repair your walls/foundations.

-Waste pool – if you notice a pool of waste in your garden, it could be due to a broken pipe, clogged drain or damaged septic tank. This can cause huge issues because this toxic waste is dangerous. So should you notice a waste pool, call an expert out who will deal with the job at hand.   

-Rats and mice – no matter the size of the crack in the drainage pipe, rodents often find their way into a properties through this means. This could be the reason for your pest infestation, so if you have called pest control but you’re still having this problem, you will require a CCTV drain survey from drainage experts.

-Insects – if you have a constant problem with flies or other insects, it could be that there’s a crack in your drainage pipes. It’ll be your first reaction to call pest control but should this only be a temporary fix, you will need to call out the drain professionals to get to the root of the issue.


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