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A Complete Guide to Unblocking Your Drains

Unblocking drains is a job that can be accomplished without the help of a professional, and, when following the right procedures, it doesn’t have to be a messy job either. Here’s a few helpful tips to prevent a drain from getting blocked, and what to do if and when blockages do become an issue.

A Complete Guide to Unblocking Your Drains

The Importance Of Wearing Protective Clothing

Also remember to wear protective clothing, and especially gloves, when attempting to unblock a drain. This will prevent you from injuring yourself when trying to remove a drain cover, as well as stop any effluent and dirty water from getting on your bare skin.

Preventative Measures

An outside drain can be unclogged pretty easily, though preventing it becoming too clogged up in the first place is advisable. Typically, leaves and related garden debris can be the cause of an outside drain blockage if the drain has a metal grill cover. If you remove the leaves and debris on a regular basis, via a rake or brush, then the chances of the drain becoming blocked are markedly reduced.

The Effectiveness Of A Pressure Washer

When, after removing debris from the top of the drain, it is still obviously blocked then you should remove the drain cover. Next, pour water though the drain, as if the blockage is not too heavy, this may unblock it. A pressure washer is ideally suited to this task. If there are signs that the drain is becoming clear of any blockage, continue to pour water into the drain until all the debris in and around the drain has been cleared away.

How To Use Drain Rods

Another way of tackling a blockage effectively is by using rods. These can be attached to each other, so you will be able to deal with a blockage that may be deep inside the drain. You will be able to detect any blockage once the rods can’t penetrate any further. You should then push into the blockage with the rods in a back and forth manner, and remember to turn the rods in a clockwise fashion. Once you feel that the blockage is beginning to clear, wait and look for clear signs that the drain has been unblocked. If the blockage has been cleared you should notice water pouring through the area that was previously blocked. When this is the case, use hot, soapy water to flush out the remainder of any debris.

Soda Crystals

Soda crystals can be very useful when it comes to tackling more problematic blockages, notable any issues with grease. They’re also an inexpensive solution. You’ll need to pour about 500g worth of soda crystals into your drain for this solution to be effective, and, after 10 minutes, then use hot water for rinsing purposes.

Another Useful Tool, The Cable Auger

A cable auger is another useful tool for unblocking a drain, and works similarly to drain rods. Through a winding mechanism the wire of the cable auger will extend deep into the drain and penetrate through the troublesome blockage.

A Chemical Solution

Though chemicals can be effective they are not environmentally friendly. They can also be a more hazardous way of trying to unblock a drain because of the nature of the chemicals involved.

Jet Rod provide comprehensive drain clearance and drain surveys, ensuring that any drainage issues are identified and rectified in an efficient, safe and professional manner. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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