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You Googled It, We Answer It – Common Toilet Questions

We’ve all Googled the weird and wonderful, so to answer your questions, Jet Rod are here to share some of our most common toilet and drainage related searches.

Below are the most commonly Googled questions – so whoever has been asking these things (we hope it’s mainly out of sheer curiosity) we have the answers right here for you.


Will toilet bleach bleach hair?

Toilet bleach is deadly, it will disintegrate your hair and burn your skin. Do not apply toilet bleach to anywhere other than the toilet.


Who invented toilet paper?

Joseph Gayetty.


Can I flush food down the toilet?

No, a toilet isn’t a bin. Food can create clogs in the sewers because it does not break down in water like human waste does. You may think, OK well I put food down the sink using the food disposal unit but this is only because the strainer breaks down food before it enters the drain line.  


How do you manually flush a toilet without removing the tank lid?

If your flusher has stopped working, fill a bucket with water and pour this down the toilet quickly to recreate the strong force that a flush would make.


Can I flush the toilet if the pipes are frozen?

In short, no not properly. You can clear your toilet using the water that remains in the water tank but once you have flushed the toilet, you will need to fill up the bowl manually before use. You will need to track down your frozen pipe to ensure it is damage-free and so it can be thawed, this should be performed by a professional. However, if you have found the cause and you can get to it without an issue, there are a few things you can do:

  • Wrap a hot pad around the frozen pipe – always let it thaw slowly because you do not want to burst the pipe.
  • Use a hair dryer – put this on a low setting and hold it up to the pipe moving it back and forth along the pipe.
  • Use hot towels – soak towels in hot water and wrap around the pipe, place paper underneath to soak up any water.


Can I flush makeup wipes?

No, makeup wipes do not disintegrate when flushed, they simply clog up the sewage systems, which can cause expensive damages.


How much water is used to flush the toilet?

The amount can vary depending on how old your toilet system is, one flush can use between 3.5 and 7 gallons of water. It is now extremely important conserve water and reduce your flush by using ultra low flush toilets or dual flush toilets, which use an average of 1.1 gallons per flush.


Why is my toilet leaking from the base?

There are two reasons why this happens: the first reason being that your toilet has been moved during a renovation or replacement and the second reason, your toilet is running under too much pressure. When this happens, ring a local professional who will be able to assist you.

Are toilet seats a standard size?

Round toilet bowls are 16.5 inches and oblong toilet bowls are 18.5 inches. If you’re unsure get your measuring tape out!


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