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How can I prevent rats in my drain?

Having an infestation of rats is not a funny prospect, as well as ruining the foundations of any building, they chew through electrical appliances, leave droppings everywhere, endanger pets, multiply like mad and not to mention they carry life threatening diseases. This month with Jet Rod we will be explaining how you can prevent rats from climbing up your drains.

As you may already know, rats have the ability to go anywhere and get anywhere – they can even find their way into your toilets! You may not believe it until you see it but rats are such good swimmers, they can trudge through water for days and can swim around half a mile to find dry land. As you can imagine after their long journey treading water they’re pretty exhausted, so it’s not unusual for them to find their way into homes in search for scraps of food.

Can rats swim up my toilet?

  • Yes, although rats don’t tend to live in the sewers they can on occasion find themselves in the sewers if their food supply is low. Rats finding their way to your toilet isn’t necessarily a common event however, drain pipes become worn and can break over time. Broken pipes can lead a rat to your toilet, so it is important that the pipes are either fixed, or you find an alternative solution to ensure another doesn’t end up surprising you – when you least expect it!

Jet Rod - prevent rats in my drains

How can I prevent rats in my drains?

Whether you’ve already had this unfortunate experience or want to prevent this from ever happening there are things you can do.

  • Sealed drainage: ensure there aren’t any gaps in the pipes between your home and the sewer.
  • Rodent barriers: placing these inside the discharge stack and having one way valves can prevent rats from climbing your drains.
  • Covers & gratings: these are an ideal way of stopping the rat in their tracks, whilst allowing the sewers to still let waste to flow through.
  • Cages: metal cages can be used inside the ventilation pipes, these block the rat’s access.

The question you might be asking is: what do I do if I were to find a rat in my toilet and I’m too late to prevent it from happening in this case?

After a rat has exhausted itself walking up the drain pipes and swimming around the U-bends of your toilet, a flush might be enough to send it back to the sewer. Of course, this probably isn’t the best deterrent and certainly won’t stop it from happening again. This will give you enough time to call experts that can use CCTV to survey your drains. This will help them to find out where the breakages are, in order to stop rat infestation. A quick survey will find the issue with your drains, so your problem can be resolved promptly.

Signs of pests – droppings can be an obvious sign of infestation but also where they have been. As they tend to move throughout a house’s internal structure, you may also want to check for any bite marks and see to it that they haven’t damaged anything beyond the point of repair.

Issues caused – other than the diseases that rats carry, they also destroy furnishings, burrow in sofas, bite through wires and generally leave your home upside down.

Access – if there are any small spaces, rats will find them. They have the ability to sneak into the most miniscule of gaps.

Solutions – if you find these entry points, it’s important to block them or fix them immediately. Rats are curious creatures, so secure your home, keep your bins closed and do not flush food down the toilets – this entices rats! Have a professional see to your damaged drains to put a stop to rats invading your home.

Here at Jet Rod we wish to inform you about the possibility of rats entering your home via your toilet systems. Should you find a rat in your home and unable to find an access point – you might find they’ve been using your toilet as their front door. Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire we work around neighbouring areas providing drain cleaning and unblocking, sink unblocking, septic tank repairs/installations, commercial and insurance work, drain repairs and CCTV drain surveys. Talk to one of our experts today who can take a weight off your mind by simply calling or emailing us today!

How can I prevent rats in my drain?

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