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Why your bathroom sink smells

No matter how hard you try – whether you use sink strainers or food disposal – food particles will still journey through your drain and some bits can find themselves stuck within the pipes. So what we really want to know is, why does it smell so bad and what can we do to resolve this?   

Why does your bathroom sink smell?
All drains are used for a specific purpose. In our kitchens, we use the sink to wash dirty plates, cutlery, pots and pans and in the bathroom, we use the sinks to wash and shave. So with this in mind, it’s easy to understand the regular beating our sinks undergo, what with food bits, fat, grease, hair, dead skin and soap scum build up.

What causes the smell?
When the water is flushed away through our sink’s system, it can be hard to avoid this build-up and as this grows in size, it becomes a popular breeding ground for bacteria. The combination of the dark, moist pipe and a blockage of rotting gunk, can be the reason why your drain is expelling such a pungent, unpleasant smell.   

What temporary solutions are there?
There are a number of temporary solutions that’ll help you to combat your smelly drains. These include:

    • Cleaning rod – place the drain cleaning rod down your plug hole, twist and manoeuvre up and down. When you do this, the teeth on the rod will get a good grip of the particles left below your sink – this is a great way to reduce your smelly drain problems.  
    • Hot water – if you’ve recently boiled your kettle and you have some water left, pop it directly down the plug hole in your sink. This might be enough to loosen up whatever it is festering in the pipes below and thus, eliminate that pesky smell.  
    • Baking soda – because bacteria and mildew grow well in a damp environment, the introduction of baking soda will help absorb the stench, as well as the moisture. Try pouring baking soda down the sink along with boiling water to flush it out – you can also place a shallow tub of baking soda under the sink to aid the absorption of the smell, should it begin to linger once again.
    • Lemons, lemons, lemons! – use lemon juice and shave the rinds, place them down the sink and turn on the tap. Turn on your food disposal switch and shred the citrus for a better smelling sink.
    • Bleach – pouring a little bleach down the sink is fine, it can help to reduce the blockage but it’s important to avoid mixing it with any other cleaning fluids because this can create harmful, toxic gases.
    • Loosen the U-bend – place a shallow bowl underneath your U-bend and with care, remove the fixture. Should any water begin to spill out, hold it over the bowl and let it drain. Once this has drained, empty the contents of the pipe into the bin and reattach to the piping under the sink.

What permanent and professional solution is there?  
Should your smelly drains return or you begin to experience a stronger sewer smell in the bathroom, call a professional who will offer you a permanent solution so your home can once again, smell great. At Jet Rod we offer a number of services including drain cleaning and unblocking, drain repairs, sink unblocking, septic tank installations and CCTV drain surveys. We work amongst the areas of Warrington, Crewe and the surrounding areas – so if you’re looking for a solution to your problems, call the team at Jet Rod today!


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