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5 signs that you need your septic tank repairing

Septic tank care involves regular maintenance and pumping, plus common sense. For instance, a septic tank should not be used to dispose of any chemicals or materials that could be considered hazardous. Another simple solution concerning the welfare of your septic tank is to consider using less water. This will help to reduce the usual wear and tear on the tank.


A Soggy Leach Field

If a leach field is soggy this can be because of a problem with your septic tank. Roots or biomat that have flourished can result in sludge or other waste being created. Because the waste is blocked from moving through the soil as it should there is also the risk of an environmental health issue. As soon as you notice standing water or a soggy area in the vicinity of your septic tank, then you should have it inspected by a legitimate septic service company.

Toilet Not Flushing Properly

When a toilet isn’t flushing properly, or, worse, your home or business premises is getting flooded with sewage then there may be a number of causes. Why your toilet is running slowly, or is backed-up, may be down to clogged drains, a septic tank that has begun to overflow, or the ineffectiveness of a leach field. Another unpleasant consequence of this type of problem can be that your water will look discoloured.

Bad Odours

Another tell-tale sign of a septic tank problem is when bad smells enter the home, or are very noticeable when you’re outside. If the odour is like that of rotten eggs, and, especially raw sewage, then the septic tank is the likely culprit. If in any doubt then it should be properly inspected.

Small Problems – Which Shouldn’t Be Left Unfixed

When a septic tank hasn’t been inspected for more than two years there can be a considerable risk of insignificant problems going on to become major ones. A small leak, for instance, is only ever likely to get bigger over time when left unfixed. There could be problems building up within the tank itself, too, or with back-ups – which will become more serious when left undetected. Waiting until existing problems deteriorate before acting can also prove to be short sighted because if your septic tank breaks, you’ll then have to resolve the issue very quickly indeed. Having your septic tank inspected at two year intervals however will give you peace of mind. It’ll be important also, because septic tank problems can end up impacting on the local environment and human health.


Accumulation of Sludge

Over time a septic tank will accumulate sludge. When not pumped out regularly the result can be the tank becoming overloaded, and eventually not functioning properly. To avoid this scenario a tank should be pumped out around every three years.

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