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How Hard Water Can Affect Your Drains

If you have ‘hard water’ where you live or work then you’ve probably noticed that the shine has gone from your taps and a thick layer of limescale has replaced it. Your clothes might not feel quite right on your skin and you may have a lingering, unclean feeling after showering – this is why … Continue reading

What is the technology required for CCTV Surveys?

Today Jet Rod will be discussing the technology that is used during CCTV Surveys, how they operate and why such technologically advanced devices are used for this job. Why we provide CCTV Surveys We provide CCTV Surveys for lots of reason, mostly to check any damage or interference including hairline cracks, large cracks, holes and … Continue reading

How can I prevent rats in my drain?

Having an infestation of rats is not a funny prospect, as well as ruining the foundations of any building, they chew through electrical appliances, leave droppings everywhere, endanger pets, multiply like mad and not to mention they carry life threatening diseases. This month with Jet Rod we will be explaining how you can prevent rats … Continue reading

Can you flush biodegradable items?

Firstly, “What does biodegradable actually mean?”. Biodegradable refers to materials that can be broken down by bacteria, fungi or by other natural means. It’s generally organic matter that’s decomposed by the environment, feeding microorganisms. Take a banana skin for instance, this can be disposed of onto soil and nature will intervene, turning it into microscopic … Continue reading

Explaining Your Water Bill

Receiving bills is something we’re all familiar with, but understanding these bills is a skill that not everybody is confident in. Water bills can contain many sections that may be confusing, and it’s important that you understand every aspect of your water bill and the information it’s trying to convey. Each water company is different … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Water Supplier – FAQs

Water supply companies provide water to homes and businesses across the UK, with many also managing household wastewater. Water suppliers are responsible for the water quality, pressure and efficient supply for all of their customers. Your water company is determined by the geography of where you live, and so homeowners are unable to switch suppliers. … Continue reading

20 Tips to Save on Your Water Bills

Don’t watch your money drain away with your water. Using water is an aspect of daily living that many of us take for granted, but just the occasional turn of the tap adds up to contribute to gallons of unnecessary water usage per month. Not only is this wasteful, but could also be damaging to … Continue reading

6 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be costly and inconvenient, and are certainly one of the more troublesome parts of winter weather. Pipes freeze when the water inside them drops below freezing point, causing the water in the pipe to freeze and expand. As a result, an increase in water pressure is created between the tap and the … Continue reading

Your essential guide to drain unblockers

Drain blockages are never good news for a household; they can cause problems such as the disruption of your drainage, the stoppage of wastewater from leaving your property, and the occurrence of nasty odours. Drain blockages are caused by a variety of different matter clogging the drain including hair, soap scum, grease and food particles, … Continue reading

A simple guide to water pipes, sewer pipes and drainage

Most homeowners don’t give a second thought to the plumbing that runs below their house. Consequently these pipes are often left well alone beneath your property, quietly working away to keep the water feeding to and from your house. Nobody is asking you to become an expert, but some basic knowledge of how the drainage … Continue reading